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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Glass Ward

The Glass Ward is a medium-sized round shield made from a twisted mass of black volcanic glass tinted with red and green stains caused by impurities. The edges of the shield have been polished smooth, but the face is a mass of twisted, razor sharp spines and spikes. A bronze frame secures the Ward's leather grip to the polished back of the disc. The Glass Ward radiates Superb protection and alteration magic, and a Great test of divination will reveal the item's powers.
  • The Ward can be used as a normal shield, it's glass surface magically enhanced to resist damage (Epic toughness). It provides a Fair bonus to defense. The shield can be used as a weapon as well, inflicting Good damage with the many spines and spires of glass on its face.
  • Glass Barrier - At will the bearer can invoke this power, which causes an array of three glass discs to spin forth from the shield and circle its owner. The Glass Barrier lasts ten rounds and absorbs damage from melee attacks directed at the bearer, reducing each attack by three ranks. Absorbed damage accumulates in the Barrier, and must be released before the effect ends or all accumulated damage is applied when the Barrier expires (see below). Invoking the Barrier takes a full round of concentration.
  • Shatter Barrier - This power breaks an existing Glass Barrier, spraying forth chunks of razor sharp glass in a 10 foot radius. These shards inflict damage on all targets within the area of effect (including the Ward's wielder) equal to one-quarter the accumulated barrier. Invoking this power takes a full round.
  • Enhance Barrier - The wielder can recharge an existing Barrier, extending its life by ten rounds. Accumulated damage ranks are reduced by one. Enhancing takes a full round and can be used at will.
  • Negate Barrier - The wielder can Negate any accumulated damage on the existing Barrier converting it into healing energy and applying it to any single target within 20 feet. Negating takes three rounds of concentration and if interrupted automatically becomes a Shatter Barrier effect. Negate Barrier can be used at will.


Timeshadows said...

Useful and Cool, but a bit intensive on the bookkeeping element.
--It may be facilitated trough the use of (glass?) beads to track the Accumulated damage and Durations.

Mark Thomas said...

Beads would be a great way to track the damage side of this. I agree, it is a bit fiddly.