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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living Dolls

This artifact consists of a set of small dolls or figurines. Each doll has a soft fabric body fitted with superbly crafted clay heads, hands and feet. Each figurine is dressed in a complete outfit woven from the finest materials, silk decorated with ivory and gem chips. Each outfit reflects the Doll's purpose (see below). Each Doll is approximately six inches tall. The Dolls radiate Epic alteration magic and a Great test of divination magic will reveal the command word that activates the individual Dolls. All Dolls share the following attributes:
  • Fair toughness. Despite their apparent fragile appearance the Dolls are relatively tough. They can be damaged via normal physical or magical attacks however. Damaged Dolls recover one rank of damage per day of inactivity.
  • Animated - While active each Doll can walk, run, sit, stand, etc. Some Dolls have alternative movement capabilities available.
  • Activation - Each doll can be activated once per day for a maximum of eight hours. They will stop whatever they are doing and return to their owner prior to the expiration of their activation.
The following Dolls are known to exist:
  • Messenger - This Doll wears a white robe decorated with tiny sapphires. Tiny wings are sculpted onto its hands and feet, and it holds a jeweled scroll case in its hands. When activated this Doll can be commanded to carry a written message to a named individual within 100 miles, and potentially await a return message in a similar form. This Doll flies at Epic speed and has an unerring ability to find its target so long as they are within range. Any written message is magically shrunk and stored within the carried scroll case. Should the Doll be destroyed the message is also lost.
  • Spy - Instead of a face, this Doll's head bears a huge glaring eye. It's slightly simian form is dressed in black silk trousers and shirt decorated with flecks of ebony. When activated it can be commanded to spy upon any location within one mile, relaying a vision of everything it sees back to its owner. The Doll runs at Great speed, and has Epic hiding abilities. It can see in the dark or through obscuring mist or smoke with ease.
  • Assassin - This Doll is dressed in metallic gray cloth fashioned to resemble mail. It's face is covered with a tiny metal helm, and each of its hands bears a needle-sharp dagger. When activated this Doll can be commanded to seek out one target within sight and attack, using venomous daggers with Good accuracy and inflicting Great poison damage if it succeeds. The Doll attacks ten times before its venom is discharged and it returns to its master. This Doll runs at Fair speed and has Fair hiding abilities.
  • Medic - This Doll is dressed in red silk robes decorated with diamond and ruby chips. It wears a matching satchel slung over one shoulder. When activated the Doll will treat any wounds, illnesses, poisons or diseases on the selected target(s). The target is cured of one rank of wounds and gains a resistance check versus any poisons, or diseases affecting them with a Great bonus. Each target treated consumes one hour of the Doll's active time.


Timeshadows said...

Creepy-cool, M. :D

Mark Thomas said...

I kind of ran out of time with this post, but additional dolls should be easy to come up with. Barbie campaign anyone? :)

Timeshadows said...

Action Man, perhaps. :)