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Friday, March 26, 2010

Mad World

This item is a polished crystalline globe about six inches in diameter. The translucent material is shot through with streaks and smears of multicolor lights, purple, green, red, and blue, that shift and twist beneath its smooth surface like a tangled knot of brilliantly colored snakes. Mad World is easily held in one hand, its polished surface strangely sticky to the touch, as if it were coated with a thin layer of honey.

The globe radiates Epic alteration and illusion magic. It's sole power is activated by a command word, which can be discovered with a Superb test of divination magic. When the command word is uttered, the brilliant colors snared within the globe spring forth, filling the surrounding area with a maze of twisting, vision- and mind- affecting lights. Anyone (save the owner, see below) within 100 feet of the globe must make a Superb test of will or be completely distracted by the shifting, glowing colors that block vision and distract the mind. Those that fail to resist stand enthralled by the shifting array of colors, and must make a Superb of will to attempt any action. Those that make their initial resistance check still suffer a two rank penalty on any skill check so long as they remain within the globe of lights and colors. Mad World's effects last for up to four hours or until the globe's owner commands them to cease. Those affected by the globe recover their wits 1d6 rounds after the colors vanish.

Each use of the globe's power has a 10% chance of affecting its owner, with no chance to resist. They can only stand idle while the globe's power runs its course.


Timeshadows said...

That would have been great in the late '60s. :D

Mark Thomas said...

I have been listening to a lot of Doors and Grateful Dead lately. :-D

Timeshadows said...

Right on.
--Good stuff. :D