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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three of a Kind - Not

Three shorts today each completely unrelated to the other:

Planar Edge - This heavy one-handed axe has a haft of pure silver wrapped with dark blue leather, fitted with a solid chunk of lapis as a pommel stone. The weapon's blade has a triangular shape, a straight-edged face backed with a long narrow point. The blade is made from a transparent blue crystal shot through with darker bands of glowing green. The weapon radiates Great quality combat and summoning magic. When wielded in battle it has Good bonuses to damage and accuracy against mundane foes. Against summoned beings, extra-planar entities, or insubstantial creatures these bonuses rise to Superb. Thrice per day the wielder can force an extra-planar or insubstantial creature to fully manifest on the mundane plane, stripping it of any benefits it receives from its unusual nature.

Ironshield Potion - This magical brew provides the imbiber with a potent defensive advantage. The sickly rust-colored liquid tastes faintly of iron, one of the ingredients used in its making. Once drunk the potion hardens the skin, providing a Good defensive bonus to physical attack. Any physical damage received is reduced in severity by two ranks. The effects of the potion last twelve rounds, or until thirty ranks of damage have been absorbed. Brewing this mixture is a Great test of Alchemy. Required ingredients include a bit of metal armor that has been worn in battle, the dust of a Great quality bloodstone, and a paste made from ground acorns and a troll's fang.

Stone of the Depths - Legend says this strangely crystalline pearl was recovered from a monstrous half-clam / half-crab creature that came ashore eons ago. The fist-sized object appears to be a normal, white pearl, save for its faceted crystalline shape. It radiates Superb alteration magic, and a Great test of divination magic will reveal its powers. When held the Stone enables its bearer to breath water as if it were air. Any creature of the depths will treat the owner as a friend, though no communications abilities are conveyed. Any water-based spells or abilities used by the Stone's owner gain two ranks of power when cast.


Anonymous said...

A nice mix. :)

Timeshadows said...

--How did that happen? :(

Like I said, nice mix. :)